City of the Sun

Rati Oneli, Georgia - United States - Qatar - Netherlands, 100min.

The lives, dreams and destinies of extraordinary characters unfold amidst the ruins of a semiabandoned mining town. Music teacher keeps demolishing the city to build a new life for himself and his family; miner-turned-actor lives in a limbo unable to make a decision between his passion (theater) and money (working at the mines); and two malnourished champion athletes have to keep running just to survive.


Director: Rati Oneli

Producers: Rati Oneli, Dea Kulumbegashvili

Co-Producer: Jim Stark

Cinematographer: Arseni Khachaturan

Asst. Director: Givi Datiashvili

Asst. Camera: Givi Givishvili

Editor: Ramiro Suarez

Sound designer: Andrey Dergachev

Sound recordist: Sofia Matrosova, Alexey Kobzar

ColoristNodar Nozadze

Post Color SupervArseni Khachaturan


Berlinale 2017, IDFA  2017


29.05. / 20:30h @ Dom Omladine

Dom Omladine. Djure Danicica 1, 78000 Banja Luka.

Tel: 051 / 215-315


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Photography by: Drago Vejnović